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Nowadays, it has been very common for manufacturing companies to source the parts or materials from foreign suppliers due to the globalization of the world economy since 30 years ago. However, many companies still have troubles in global sourcing activities because of different languages, lack of sourcing market information, and low credibility to counter partners.

GSI is a global sourcing service provider in the automotive, electronics, and other industries, who provides solutions to those problems. We are located in South Korea which is one of the most competitive sourcing markets, with reliable quality and high technology. GSI helps customers to source various components & materials from Korean market since 2004 when it is inherited from SIEMENS IPO Korea.

GSI develops the components, parts and materials according to the drawings and requirements of customers. When we receive customer RFQ package, our engineers conduct Technical Feasibility Reviews and we report it to the customer. We put the customer technical requirements and our realistic capability on the same table, and they are verified, compared and coordinated for the final agreement with the customer. When our Feasibility Report is approved, we provide samples and it is tested and approved by customer, followed by PPAP reporting for Start of Production. From this point, GSI guarantees the quality according to the agreed PPAP document for the entire Project Life Time until the EoP.

By this way, we could satisfy our existing customers who are global renowned enterprises in Automotive and Electronics industries. Our parts and components are supplied to OEMs, and eventually used for the cars made by BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Honda, Toyoda, etc.

Professional Services of GSI

    • Cost Saving : It would be the first reason for sourcing from foreign countries. GSI supplies industry top level quality products with total cost competitiveness.
    • Quality Assurance : Securing the stable quality over the entire product lifetime is critically important for global sourcing. GSI assures exactly the same quality from Start of Production to End of Production.
    • Trustful long-term Supplier : GSI gives top priority to long term relationship with customers. We always do our best for customer satisfaction in the development, delivery, quality and service.

Our Products

Rubber & Metal parts

  • Sealing rubber, Rubber bung, Rubber Gasket, Rubber O-Ring, Metal inlay Rubber part, Cushion Rubber, etc
  • Raw materials: IIR, EPDM, Silicone, PTFE, FKM.. etc.
  • Applications: Capacitors, EDLC, Membrane, Machine, Lithium Ion battery, LED lighting
  • Performance: Heat Resistance, Chemical resistance, Long Life, Customized Characteristics

Rubber Bung(IIR/EPDM)

Plunger Packing(FKM+SUS)

for Lithium-ion Battery

Customized Tools

  • Optimized design for customer requirements
  • Diameter : from Φ0.8mm to Φ20mm.
  • Raw material : Ultrafine particles Solid Carbide, General Carbide, High hardness Carbide.
  • Excellent surface quality and reducing operation time.

Special End Mills

Drill & Cutter

Bites & Punch

Heat Shrinkable Tube

  • PET, PVC tube for Lithium-ion battery, Capacitor

Blister Tray

  • Tray for protective packing
  • Antistatic conductive material

Hot stamping tape

  • Marking on Medical plastic bag, Capacitors


Blister Tray

Hot Stamping Tape

Metal Parts

  • Process: Stamping, CNC cutting, Cold forging, Rolling, etc
  • Raw materials: Steel, Stainless, Copper, Aluminum, etc
  • Surface treatment: Plating, Anodizing, Painting, etc
  • Applications: Electronics, Automotive Wiper, DC Motors, etc
  • Performance: Automotive grade

Rolling(Serration) Parts

Cold Forging+Stamping Parts

Plastic+Metal Stamping Parts

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